Contemporary wood home d & rsquo; architect bio

welcome addition, in a villa of happiness that radiates health
dans notre maison bois contemporaine d’architecte bio

Biovilla, it is a log house where you will feel safe, because in this area, it is the strongest, the more stable the sea, in the mountains, in town or in areas heavily sismiques.Nos contemporary bio wooden houses are an exceptional response to the & rsquo; & rsquo idea; live his happiness

Our quality charter

This is a contemporary house in which to live, because it is created from the principles of feng shui, of Geobiology and the vibration frequency of the wood. The moon wood has a particularly powerful regenerating power. It is also healthy, sans electrosmog et naturellement basse consommation se fondant sur notre charte de qualité environnementale.

Nos créations de maison bois contemporaine se basent sur vos propres envies pour nous inspirer et vous donner des espaces de lumières et de bois aux senteurs ancestrales. Biovilla, it is also a designer house and carpenters, made to live long.

Biovilla, brand Contemporary wood home d & rsquo; architect from 2006

If you enjoyed our approach, find our creations consacrées à des projets tout aussi novateurs de maisons bois contemporaines, Green, healthy, et harmonieuses.Nous intervenons en France (Alsace, Lorraine, Northern Alps,Paris), Belgium and Luxembourg, in South Germany and Switzerland following the North our relational approach.


Guy Schneider, architecte dplg, Contemporary designer wooden house


contemporary wooden house architect

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contemporary wooden house architect

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contemporary wooden house architect

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contemporary wooden house architect