house & rsquo; wood architect

Create a home d & rsquo; wood architect, c & rsquo; is to create well-being from the Wood

We create smart homes based on the well-being, Health and scalability, not on some current technologies source of discomfort. House d & rsquo; architects like ours, they are contemporary homes based on & rsquo; experience and common sense of contemporary carpenters.

Biovilla, c & rsquo; is & rsquo; idea of ​​unique collections of contemporary wooden houses, synthesis of Feng Shui and Geobiology, original creations of Guy Schneider, architect.

These are creations renewed with the & rsquo; support of our customers, custom designed, with the requirement to favor the originality and light spaces and their adaptabilities to meet ergonomic requirements and evolution in life. It is primarily houses “healthy” involved in the health of people as that of Nature.

In 2018, we can, through our appointed carpenters, build Wooden frame, in Solid Wood Panels Laminates (PMC) and massive panels assembled torillons.(PMT) without adhesive.

We improve your health by the presence of & rsquo; healthy air, l & rsquo; material use A + (without solvents), implementation d & rsquo; a VMC hygro – Intelligent B with CO2 recognition, a knowledge of the field by Geobiology, l & rsquo; feng shui approach and finally the & rsquo; & rsquo absence; electrosmog (harmful to your energy state).

There are houses that hurt, ours are rather good

Guy Schneider, architect and environmentalist, apprentice Geobiology, en feng-shui et en yoga


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biobox 8 places

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