Contemporary wooden house

Living well – Bien Respirer – well-Being

Se connecter à la Nature et à soi, Ultimately we only need to dream of it

Biovilla, Your next Contemporary wooden house is in pure harmony with you

We create contemporary wood houses focusing on the physical well-being, emotional and mental. Biovilla makes you feel the seasons their solar lights and scents. They are also healthy habitats that bring serenity, lightness of living and beauty, with a natural respect for the elements of life : the water, pearl of life- wood, sign of life – sunlight, radiation gasoline.
Our houses are designed as a living body, respectful of nature to become one place, participant to balance your health

Biovilla, it is a log house where you will feel safe, because in this area is the strongest, the safest, most stable face the seaside or mountain winds. Our construction system has been tested positively to an earthquake 7 in Japan, a sure guarantee.
To us, wooden contemporary house is an emotion that can transmit only if one lives. To ensure this approach, we developed a quality charter that is a reference in the domaine.Nos achievements follow this healthy and virtuous approach to create that healthy living. Sans electrosmog (source of headaches and fatigue). Biovilla is naturally low consumption with d & rsquo costs; low operating.
Our creations Contemporary wooden houses are based on your own desires for us to inspire and give you lights and wooden areas ancestral scents. Biovilla, it is also a house of architect and carpenter, made to live long in a space bathed in lights.

We operate in France (Alsace, Lorraine, Northern Alps,Paris), Belgium and Luxembourg, in southern Germany and northern Switzerland.

Since then 2006, Biovilla created houses in harmony, that's what our customers are looking.

Guy Schneider, environmentalist architect dplg, creator biovillas
practicing yoga, geo biology and feng shui







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